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Thank you for visiting Rad Learning Books. Our mission is to create entertaining, engaging, and educational books for children and young teens about various aspect of life. Whether it’s a science book like anatomy for young kids, or sharing ideas that help us face daily challenges so we can live better lives, you’ll find our publications inspiring, full of great ideas, and most of all lots of fun!

This is what the author, Michael, has to say:
“When the corona pandemic hit, and our lives were turned upside down I would have done anything to try to achieve some semblance of normalcy. As the shutdown continued I realized just how many young people had been affected. That’s when I thought of the idea to write children’s books. It was time to try to help in any way I could. I wrote these books so that children could learn while stuck at home. I don’t think that a child should ever have to go through something like this, so I wanted to contribute to the effort to make things better.”


Michael Aims

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fourteen-year-old Michael Aims asked himself “How can I help others during this time?” And the idea for Bobby the Brain was born—a book that could both entertain and educate young kids about their incredible brains!

Excelling in biology, anatomy, and English, it is not surprising that Michael has been recognized by his high school as student with exceptional capabilities. He has also won the “most innovative product award” at regional business fair for children.

In addition to writing, during his spare time Michael likes to play football, golf, and tennis and lives in Arizona with his parents. Look for more books from Michael!

Susanna Scott Harris

Susanna Scott Harris immigrated to the United States with her family when she was just nine years old. She knows what it is like to feel picked on and different than other kids. These experiences influenced her to study psychology and become a high school guidance counselor. In this role she has seen just about every challenging experience a young person can have. And has been there to help them deal with these issues.

This book is based on many of the more common challenges that Susanna has seen kids face. In her spare time Susanna loves to write.

She also volunteers at her local SPCA and not surprisingly has a special affection for parrots. Susanna lives in California with her husband, three teenage daughters and their pet parrot – Pedro!

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