“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

-Margaret Fuller

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Kindness from Young Writer Leads to Educational Series

High School Author Helps Other Children by Writing Books about Health and the Human Body During Coronavirus PHOENIX—Dec. 15, 2020—Today, young author Michael Aims released his children’s educational book series to help kids during the Coronavirus pandemic. Called The Amazing Body, the series includes titles like Bobby the Brain, Henry the Heart and Larry the…

Our Mission

“SMILE, BREATHE AND GO SLOWLY.” -Thich Nhat Hanh Our books’ mission is to impower kids by teaching them mindfulness, gratitude and giving them skills that grow their confidence. Once these are taught they must be practice daily in order to become habits. We have created a catalog of books, daily journals and printables that allow…

Confidence for Kids

Give kids confidence by teaching them new skills and helping them acquired knowledge. As children acquire more knowledge and understanding of the world, they also gain confidence. Teaching your kids life skill also increases confidence in children. Negotiating skills make them feel in control and add to their confidence. Helping kids in adapting to new…

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